Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some Wildlife Pictures

I took this picture through the kitchen window and screen, but do you see that furry tail that definitely does not belong to any members of the avian family?? This is the first time we've actually seen a squirrel at the feeder, ever, in over 8 years. Not to say they haven't been coming once in a while. But we have seen other creatures there, like opossums and bears . . .

Caught leaving.

Nice snowy day picture. Lots of purple finches and dark-eyed juncos.

I took this picture yesterday. A hawk had gotten into the chickens' penned yard--the gate was open and they were all around the yard. Poor thing couldn't figure how to get out!

And this is a sight you really don't want to come across when you have chickens. Poor thing--this was up by the front of our property, and something had chased her all the way to the backyard and into the chicken yard. I found her dead, and you don't want to know the rest.

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jodi said...

I'm sorry about your chicken. Brazen hawk! These are the perils of having animals, though, or in feeding birds...or in just being alive, aren't they?

Silvia said...

We aren't even sure what got that hen. There were suspicious muddy paw prints on the side of my husband's car, up to the windows even, so that could have been a dog trying to get at a chicken that was trying to escape over the car? We really don't know. Or it could have been the hawk. Or a raccoon, or who knows what! We've lost so many over the years!