Sunday, March 09, 2008

Albemarle Homeschooler Teams Win at Odessey of the Mind Regional Tournament

This wonderful news was sent to the AlbemarleHomeschoolers list:

Hearty Congratulations to Albemarle Homeschoolers Odyssey of the Mind Teams!

Both Teams earned First Place in their respective categories in Middle School Division at the Regional Tournament held on March 8th, and advance to State Competition to be held on April 5th in N.Virginia!

The teams were comprised of:

Allison Mueller
Athman Adiseshan
David Novotne
Joanna Mueller
Mariah Novotne
Mitz Gemershausen
Morgan Martin McPherson
Robby Arthur
Tara Adiseshan
Tessa Paget-Brown

The teams express their sincere thanks to the representative Judges:
Michael McPherson and Jesse Zmick.
Without their volunteer effort, the teams could not have participated.

Best Wishes to the Teams at the State Competition!!!

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