Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Milestone

My baby has a job! Well, she's apprenticing at a nearby small farm. She started about 45 minutes ago. :) She's going to work for a couple hours today, and I expect we'll see how things go. Her job will be to help feed and water all the animals. Emily's been complaining for about a year that it's so unfair that children under a certain age are not allowed by law to work. Sure, there's babysitting and mowing lawns, but what if you want something more than that? Whole 'nother discussion.

So, back at the farm. They've got laying hens, baby chicks for broilers; a huge (500 lb) sow with 10 adorable piglets, plus their father, both of whom are heirloom (heritage?) breeds, not sure which, though. They also have three goats that may all be pregnant. They are large, but the buck was a smaller breed. Plus there are sheep, I forgot how many, and three lambs, about 2 months old. The other females may be pregnant as well. We just missed the shearing, but got to see the wool on Sunday when we went to meet the farm owners and their animals. There's a resident peacock who likes to sun by their wood shed, too. He just showed up about 10 years ago and hasn't left. I almost forgot the turkeys! How could I? There are two toms, who were strutting their stuff the whole time, gobbling simultaneously. I think they said there are 9 hens. Their eggs don't look really much bigger than a chicken's.

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