Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Early Spring Photos of Plants and Chickens and More

This is the second log planter, for now.

Don't remember what this is, but it's pretty. :) UPDATE: My knowing readers have said this is probably Lenten Rose. Thanks!

Grape hyacinths.

The cuckoo maran rooster showing off.

And the partridge cochin rooster.

Don't know what this interesting red worm-type thing is. I think it did have legs, though.

These are too small for Emily now and just begging to be turned into funky planters. I could poke a seed into each hole if I filled them with dirt first, don't you think?

And the kids and I have been working on our fire pit a little more. The cracked bucket broke under the strain of holding too much dirt. We use it to hold sticks for starting the fire. The white bucket should be kept full of sand for putting out fires. It's not yet, but will be soon. I'd also like two more circles of brick around the first one. I don't know yet what we're going to do with the collection of rocks we have.

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Anonymous said...

The pretty plant with bell-like flowers is an hellebore, or Lenten Rose.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh you are making me jealouse! It isnt really spring here yet. ....we still have snow :(

ourfriendben said...

Hi Silvia! Plants--chickens--what more could anyone want?! Your mystery plant is a hellebore, probably a Lenten rose hybrid (Helleborus xhybridus, also H. orientalis) but, if the blooms are large and pure white, it could be a Christmas rose (H. niger). Can't help you on the red bug thing, though, but better your yard than mine!