Monday, March 24, 2008

Friend's Etsy Shop--Retro Handmade Lamps

My friend Jen is no slouch! Not only does she run Carpe Donut with her husband Matt and their kids, but she also makes lamps and lampshades. I just got a message from her that she's opened an etsy shop. The details according to Jen:

As most of you know, I've been making and selling lamps and shades off and on for many years now. Perfect work for mixing with child production. The switch is now in the ON position again! Thank you baby Georgia. This time around, a new website is making it very easy for me to sell my creations not only to local folks, but people out in the wide wide world.

If you haven't heard of yet (seems to have been in the news a lot lately), it's a website for buying and selling handmade, and only handmade, things. Pool cues to mini-skirts. Funky socks to fine art. Thousands upon thousands of people have "stores" on the site, and sell direct to people who visit there.

If you tend to sigh and get depressed when you realize, once again, that you've purchased a gift/houseware/piece of clothing with "Made in China" printed on it in microscopic type, the site is a treasure trove. So next time you're getting that last-minute gift, and go to punch in the web address for some chain store, type the Etsy address instead. Lots of sublime/sophisticated/ ridiculous/cute/hip/classic/refined/absurd thingy-dings to choose from. The independent artisans of the world will thank you!! And ship to you, etc.

I'll be stocking the shelves of my own little virtual store as I finish pieces.. I just put my first two lamps in the window. Here's a link to my neck of the woods

Okay then, hope I get to clap eyes on at least some of you soon!

Her lamps are very cool! Go check them out and beg for more!

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