Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny T-shirts, Lots of Them

Recent comments on my blog, which led me to other blogs and their comments, led me to cafepress.com, where you can find almost anything. My search started with "my gamer" and led to this results page, and then I searched "blog" and found these. This is a cute one. The grammarian in me loves this one. And here's one on free speech. This is an e-store that sells stuff for writers--check it out Elizabeth.

I admit to not getting some a lot of the gamer references, since before WoW, the last computer games I was into (other than solitaire card games and mahjong) were Syberia, Outpost, Myst, Zork . . . And did I mention that our video console is an N64? But here's a cute one for WoW players. And many of us who stay up late to play (not me, of course!) might enjoy this one. And this mention about "leveling" comes up a lot around here these days. Not to mention this excuse. And one final t-shirt that we all might need to own at this house . . .

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Laura said...

Oh! Thanks for posting all of that, Silvia! I've got some shopping to do!

Have you read "The Battle for Azeroth"? It's a series of essays about WoW. I really enjoyed reading the part that describes the different character classes.

Also, not exactly WoW, "Character Design Studio" by Chris Patmore. I was explaining what an "archetype" was to my son, who stopped me and said he knew what that was, Mom, he had read about archetypes in this book. I started reading it, and couldn't put it down. Fascinating. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love reading yours, love the chicken-stuff! My little sister died a few years ago at 44. She loved her family's chickens. She named them, wrote funny stories about them. :)

I'll reply about the treehouse and L&L over to home.