Friday, March 07, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Library

I was stopping at the library on Wednesday, to pick up some books I had on hold, when I ran into another homeschool mom in the parking lot. She mentioned to me that she'd just been talking to a parent over at the Daily Progress who wants to homeschool her child, and she wanted to give her my number. That led me to remember that Mary told me she always got end rolls of newspaper from the DP for very little $ when her kids were younger, to use for all kinds of art and other projects.

So I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone? The DP building is close to the library anyway. I drove over and asked the receptionist if I could speak with the woman who wanted homeschooling info (that's not how I phrased it, of course, I did have her name!), spoke with her for a few minutes, and told her to go to the VaHomeschoolers website also. My kids were waiting on me, so I couldn't stay long--I do tend to have an annoying amazing capacity for talking about homeschooling. :)

Then when I was leaving, I asked her how I could get a roll of end paper. She brought me back over to reception, and the woman there called to ask about the paper. When they weren't fast enough, the future homeschooling mom actually went back and got it for me! And even better, it only cost $5.26. I think it will last us till 2013! This is a short roll, too. You can get the wider ones also. I'm not sure how wide they are--this one is 24".
Does this look staged at all? Well, it is. The roll was still in the car till just a few minutes ago. Then it started to rain right after I came inside, so good timing there. But all those games were sitting in the chair, and we played two of them last night. I just thought they'd like a little publicity. :) And Go Yankees!

So a big thank you to both homeschooling mom-in-the-library-parking-lot and (I'm pretty sure of this) future-homeschooling-mom!

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Melanie said...

Oooh, I'm going to look for paper like this by us. I also love the Benjamin Franklin quote you have on the side of your blog!

My daughter is in public school but I volunteer up there every day and am now running for the Board of Education...gonna keep my eye on them!

Silvia said...

I hadn't thought of it, but that could be a good way to get free paper for the art classes at public and private schools, too.

Crafty Gardener said...

I used to get the end rolls of newspaper when my girls were little. It is a great way to do some recycling and have large pieces of paper to use at the same time. I used to cover the tables with the paper for gathering, play dates, or parties and the kids could draw away to their hearts content.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I've used them for wrapping dishes and fragile items when moving. No newsprint getting all over the place.