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Living Earth School's Spring Schedule Update

Another post from an email--many local families will be interested in this one! I asked Kate last year when Emily was taking the spring homeschool program if they'd thought of doing a mother/daughter weekend, because they already had the father/son "weekend of fire," which sounded so cool! And now they have the mother/daughter weekend (Weaving the Sacred Circle) in the schedule. Yeah! Thanks Kate and Hub!!

Greetings from the Living Earth School!

Check out our Spring Workshops!
Summer Camps are Filling Fast!
We have a few spaces left in our age 10+ Spring Homeshcool Program!

Spring is on its way! We heard wood frogs today singing their early spring greeting, tree buds are swelling and soon the red buds will be blooming!!! We are excited to be offering all kinds of new spring workshops for adults, father & sons and mother & daughters. Check below for details. Also, day camps are all close to full, and some of the overnights will be full soon. So please don't delay in registering for these.

As always we look so forward to spending time with you and sharing the wonders and treasures this amazing earth has to offer. We have been receiving many requests for scholarships this year, and need some help to meet the need. If you are able to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated and any amount is wonderful. Thanks and enjoy.

April 11-13 Adult Survival Weekend
Friday 5pm-Sunday 2pm
Cost $225
Wouldn't it feel great to know that you have the skills to wander out your back door and survive off the land? This class will lay the foundation for survival and give you the practical tools needed to live closely with the land. We will cover shelter, water, fire and food. We will make a debris shelter that will keep you dry and warm without a sleeping bag. Also carve your own friction fire set, and learn the many crucial skills of survival. This class is a fun, hands-on way to learn to live more closely with the earth and to walk with greater awareness of the beauty the world of nature holds. We will cook over the open fire, tell stories and roam the beautiful forests of the Blue ridge Mountains.

April 26-27
Father/Son Weekend of Fire
Sat. 10am- Sun. 11am
$165 (includes father & son age 6+)
Come spend this special weekend together, diving into the world of fire. Learn the ancient art of fire making, carve your own bow-drill fire set, tell stories, wander the mountains and cook on an open fire under a star lit sky. Besides a great weekend of fun, leave with new skills you can utilize together into the future.
Instructors- Hub Knott & Kyle Scaggs

May 10-11
Mother/Daughter Weekend
Sat. 10am-Sun.10am
$165 (includes mother & daughter age6+)
Weaving the Sacred Circle! What a special way to spend Mothers Day, in the woods bonding with your daughter. We will connect with the natural world, cook over the fire, make wild edible teas, weave stories of motherhood, daughterhood throughout our day and weave our tales into a basket. Mothers and daughters will make their own basket to go home with. (We close the day early enough so that families can still have Mothers day to do as they choose.)

May 17
Wild Edibles
Do you want the freedom of wandering out your back door and knowing which wild plants are edible, safe to eat and tasty! This class will give you just that freedom; learn to I.d. dozens of wild edible plants, harvest and collect greens, roots, teas and more. We will walk the woods, the fields and water edges looking for our green allies that make their home to this bio-region of Appalachia. We will learn about proper gathering techniques in the spirit of the Caretaker. We will gather and sample some of the choice edibles of this season. This class will awaken you to the abundance we are surrounded with everyday.

May 24,25
Father/Son Weekend with The Living Earth School
$165 (includes father & son age 6+)
This will be a fun-filled weekend for fathers and their sons immersed in the world of nature. We will wander the mountains, track animals, carve with knives, collect and make projects and much more. We will cook food over the fire, tell stories, and fall to sleep to the sounds of owls. Besides a great weekend of fun, leave with new skills you can utilize together into the future.
Instructors- Hub Knott & Kyle Scaggs

For information and dates for summer camps go to

See you soon,
Kate and Hub Knott
The Living Earth School

The Living Earth School
258 Rocky Bottom ln.
Afton, VA 22920
(540) 456-7339

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