Saturday, March 01, 2008

More on World of Warcraft

Both my husband and I are now playing World of Warcraft and realizing that what we had heard so often is true--you cannot put your values on what your children enjoy. If they enjoy something, they have a reason for it, and telling them you don't see why they like it, or questioning its value, only implies that they don't know themselves.

Think about it from your own perspective--if your friend or spouse can't stand a book or TV show you love, and they tell you so in no uncertain terms, questioning how you could possibly like it, how does it make you feel? Once I finally decided to give WoW a try, I completely understood why my children enjoy playing it so much.

Then my husband was the only one left out of the "horde," needling me now and then about my playing. For whatever reason, he finally decided to give it a try a few days ago. He's started to see already how we could enjoy the game, and why we need "just a few minutes more to finish this quest!" LOL! I don't know how long he or I will continue to play WoW, but I think it's been a valuable lesson for both of us, which I hope to remember for a very long time.

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Laura said...

Hi Silvia --

I'm visiting from CenterDownHome. I remember you from the VaEclectic list. :)

It was good for me to read this post of yours. I have two boys, 14 and 15, and they play Warcraft, Halo, Rockband, etc. I love to watch them play and find all of their interests amazing. I'm lousy at gaming, but I did create a Warcraft character and I have played "Slow Ride" -- badly -- on Guitar Hero, much to the delight of my boys. My daughter is 20, and has also created a Warcraft character and played a bit as well.

Anyway, yesterday I had an encounter in the grocery store with a homeschool mom that we see at the homeschool skate here every week. Her son is 15 or 16 and skates around the rink alone every Thursday. Yesterday, she was expounding to me about how her son doesn't play "those card games" or Xbox, and she had an actual sneer on her face. She told me that he will be taking a college class in advanced physics this year and has more in common with adults. Well, there's his friend pool, I thought. He is doomed to skate around that rink alone because she has judged the interests of his potential friends as a waste of time.

We walked out to our cars, and I had forgotten the bumper sticker that I put on my rear window last week: "My Gamer Fragged Your Honor Student". Heh.

Silvia said...

That is just too funny! Thanks for sharing that lovely story. :) You could have told her your kids are also doing to programming for the games . . .