Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not Even Spring Yet

But I went a bit crazy on Sunday when I saw my crocuses blooming! I took a ton of pictures of my plants, to see what state they were in after this weird (but normal for us) winter weather we've been having.

And then some daffodils, too.

And this little thing that's labeled but illegible--a bulb, but what is it?? Can't remember.

These are the nandinas with all their berries.

And the red chokeberry that Thomas helped me plant--remember all these? It's got tiny leaves on it, so that's promising.
Which is a nice segue into a reminder about the Virginia Native Plant Sale coming up on April 27. Go early or you'll miss out!

But then there's my forsythia, which isn't doing anything yet. One year it bloomed in January, usually it is in full bloom in February. All winter a flower would pop out here and there, but right now, I got nothin'. Unless you count the invasive Japanese honeysuckle growing all over it. I tried to get it all off of the forsythia last year, but was unsuccessful.Right now, though, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I wonder if it can hear my pruning shears? I think it might be screaming . . .

And yesterday's weather was just fantastic! What was it like "in your neck of the woods?"

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piscesgrrl said...

Bloody cold.

You just had to rub it in, didn't you.

Silvia said...

Well, if it's any consolation, here's our forecast for today:
Forecast for Albemarle (that's our county)
Flood Watch in effect from 5 PM EST this afternoon through Wednesday morning...

Rest of Today
Cloudy. A slight chance of showers late this morning...then showers likely this afternoon. Highs in the upper 60s. South winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.

Scattered thunderstorms in the evening. Occasional showers. Some thunderstorms may produce gusty winds and heavy rainfall in the evening. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwest winds around 15 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Chance of rain near 100 percent.

Ok, I know, you'd rather have rain than snow, but still . . .