Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Blog for Do-It-Yourself-ers or Wanna-Be's

My brother has just started a new blog, called, saying:

I've started a new site to post all of my MAKE Magazine related stuff, and other things that are non-house related. If you're interested, please check out

He's also going to be showcasing some of his designs at the Maker Faire (part of MAKE magazine) in California, May 3-4. Wish I could be there for the faire!

[This picture is from his last visit here 4 years ago--Thomas was just 4. :)]

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ourfriendben said...

Sounds great, Silvia! thanks for alerting us. I love this kind of blog!!!

John Edgar Park said...

I should point out that I'll be visiting again tomorrow, so we should get some more recent pictures up!