Thursday, April 03, 2008

Order Your Horrible Books Soon!

Hi, All Galorribles!

Just an FYI that I'll be doing a Horrible Books and Horrible Magazines Order on April 6, 2008, so if you have any Horrible Desires, let me know between now and then.

For the Horrible Books, you have the choice of everything on the Horrible Book List already priced at 25%-Off, $7 Shipping Total per order, and mid-May delivery. The new Horrible Books are listed below. For the Horrible Magazines, we'll be getting Issues #41-#80 of the Horrible Histories Magazines, completing the set. :) And for your immediate Horrible Needs, we have everything in stock that's listed with an asterisk * on the Horrible Book List , including Issues #1-#40 of the Horrible Histories Magazines and Issues #1-#20 of the Horrible Science Magazines. All priced at 25%-Off and $7 Shipping Total per order, of course.

For the Galore Park Books, I have in stock all the titles listed with an asterisk * after the title on the Galore Park Book List , including the Latin Prep 1&2&3 series, the Jr History 1&2 series, the Jr English 1&2&3 series, and a few others. If you need other Galore Park books, I'll be doing a full Galore Park Books Order on June 8, 2008 for mid-July delivery.

All the gory details are at :

Thanks, and all the best,


New Horrible Books and Editions
Savage Sticker Book (April 2008 New Book)
Villains (April 2008 New Book)
Beastly Body Experiments (April 2008 New Book)
Ugly Bugs Jigsaw Book (April 2008 New Book)

Savage Stone Age (April 2008 New Edition)
Cut-Throat Celts (April 2008 New Edition)
Barmy British Empire (April 2008 New Edition)
Villainous Victorians (April 2008 New Edition)
Blood, Bones, and Body Bits (April 2008 New Edition)
Chemical Chaos (April 2008 New Edition)
Deadly Diseases (April 2008 New Edition)
Disgusting Digestion (April 2008 New Edition)
Nasty Nature (April 2008 New Edition)
Ugly Bugs (April 2008 New Edition)
Bulging Brains (April 2008 New Edition)
Fatal Forces (April 2008 New Edition)

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ourfriendben said...

Ha, these look like fun, Silvia!

Ray said...

Thanks, Sylvia!

Enjoy your Horrible Day!

Horrible Ray