Thursday, April 17, 2008

They're Here . . .

But not for long! For a limited engagement only! Buy your tickets now!

My brother, his wife and their two kids are visiting us and my parents for the week.

Erin, standing, Beatrix (Bea) on the yellow riding thingy, my brother John, Emily, and Ronan standing.

Bea, John and Emily

Emily's electrifying hair! :)

Bea loves the swing!

Yowza! Thomas's hair really went wild.

I'm helping Miss B with her shoes.

John has some really funny pictures that I'll get up when he sends them to me. We also had family portraits taken with the whole group, and individual families, and the grandparents and their grandchildren.

A friend mentioned to me that she wanted to have a formal portrait done with her mother, and I thought that it would be neat to get a picture of my mother, me, Emily and Bea, and another of my father, John, Thomas and Ronan. I think we're going to do something informal along those lines today.

We're also planning to hit Carpe Donut's red wagon, "Gypsy," on Friday--hope they're ready for us!

Yesterday John gave an informal presentation on 3D animation, and his specific job at Disney, at the library for AlbemarleHomeschoolers. I thought it was really cool, and so did the approximately 40 other people that were there. :)

Gotta scoot, more later!

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