Saturday, May 03, 2008

Author Comments on his Homeschooling Life

Stefan Merrill Block, the author of "The Story of Forgetting," recently wrote an opinion piece for the LA Times, called My Home-school Days.

From the article:

When I tell people that I was home schooled, I frequently encounter an amalgam of awe, pity and curiosity. I can see the false images materializing behind their eyes -- a childhood spent idling in front of the TV in my pajamas, or spent subject to the fanciful whims of a flighty New Age mom, or spent imprisoned by my parents' ignorance and severity.

That pretty much sums up the general public's views, as the recent commotion over at Cvillain has shown (starting with this person's comment, and continuing for quite a bit, if you care to see an example) . People fear (or deride) what they do not understand.

HT to Valerie at HEM.

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