Friday, May 09, 2008

Looking for Used Homeschool Resources?

[This is from a message to the AlbemarleHomeschoolers support group, not from me personally.]

Funny you should ask about a local used curriculum fair. Here’s a little teaser:

  • Did you just get outbid on E-bay for that costly math program?
  • Do you want to see, feel, smell the curricula before you plunk down the hard-earned cash?
  • Do you want to unload some used curricula? (And maybe make a little cash at the same time?)

Then this teaser is for you!

When: late June (and we’re thinking a Saturday.)

Where: the venue has not yet been firmed up. More on that later… but it will be local to C’ville.

To Benefit: (besides every participating homeschooler/unschooler in the area,) C.H.E.C.

More details to follow soon, but hang on to your old books and hold off on buying new!

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