Sunday, June 15, 2008

Help Identify This Bird

I don't have much to go on, but we've had a bird nesting in our newspaper box. She did this last year also.

Here's a nice pictures of her nest. She's using snake skins, chicken and other feathers, leaves, and pine needles here:

I don't have any pictures of her, as she high-tails it out of the next whenever we approach. She appears to be mostly brown on her back, to have some yellow on her underside, and to have a short tail compared to her body size. She might be the size of a cardinal. My guesses are based on the coloring we can see when she flies by us: Blackpoll Warbler but larger, or Eastern Meadowlark, though the yellow is not nearly as bright as I've seen in photos.

If I can manage to get a photo of her perched somewhere, I'll post it.

UPDATE: It was suggested in the comments that this could be the great crested flycatcher. It's a possibility, and I'll be looking for markings next time I see her.

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Anonymous said...

I read in the Burgess Bird Book that the Great Crested Flycatcher likes to put snakeskins in its nest and tends to nest in holes. Upon looking it up in Peterson's Gield Guide I see that it has a bit of yellow underneath. Try and see if that fits.
Sarah Hood
(We've been doing a bird Unit Study)
Lily 6 and Ginger 4 and Rosemary & Olivia 14 mos.