Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Inclusive Homeschooler" T-shirts

A friend of mine created this t-shirt design, that you can buy, with input from other friends. On the site it says, "Whether you are new or old to the homeschooling world make your statement as an inclusive homeschooler…really inclusive." There are a lot of color choices and several t-shirt styles also.

Just after I posted this, I saw her explanation for the symbols in her design:

"I knew someone would ask about symbols eventually so the kids and I made up this key. Tell me if any of it is unclear because I want to post it on my blog with a pic of the T and I want it all to make sense."

Top left block:
native Australian - Emu Earth Mother

Left side panel top to bottom:
Buddhist Wheel Symbol (Dharmachakra)
Library traffic sign
Om (also spelled Aum) is a Hindu sacred sound that is considered the
greatest of all mantras.
The butterfly has meaning as a symbol for many world cultures. It can
represent change, growth, free-spiritedness, or be a reminder of how
brief our lives are in the expanse of time.
G Clef musical
Test tubes for science, curiosity, experimentation, and doubt
Double helix: a testimony to the unique characteristic of humans to be
able to discover more about the world and our own foundations.

Top banner: l-r
Dove of peace and love
Female symbol
Food allergy awareness
Peace- originally the symbol for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament designed in 1958
Crescent and star-Islam, not all Muslims accept this a symbol of Islam because it is actually a polytheistic symbol from the Ottoman Empire, but I didn't feel it was appropriate to use the Arabic word for Allah on a t-shirt, and this symbol is used so often in English speaking countries.

Top right corner:
Maori symbol of Love--The indigenous Māori named New Zealand Aotearoa, which is commonly translated into English as The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Right out panel:
Khanda, the symbol of Sikhism
The Scientology symbol is an S imposed over two triangles.
Male symbol

Bottom right corner:

Bottom panel, l-r:
buy local
industrial hemp which supplies paper, food, oil, ethanol fuel, textiles, housing materials and medicine and less than 1% THC
atheist atom
the dandelion-my personal symbol www.mydandeliondays.com
Yin-Yang or Taijitu of Toaism
Hands to work, hearts to god-often used by Shakers

Top left inner corner:
American symbol for certified vegan. Other countries have different symbols for vegan food

Next panel, l-r:
One With the Earth Symbol design represents Earth, sun (the source of all life's energy), water (covers 70% of the Earth's surface), land (30% of the Earth's surface) and life. You can get free stickers at their website.
Chinese religion-symbol represents a combination of religions, including folk religions, that are influential in China

Top right inner corner:
the Wi-Fi symbol of the newest technological system of beliefs aimed at linking all life forms into one global communication network.
Portals to the Divine can often be found in coffee bars and bookstores.
Related practices-worshipping the Blue Alter seen blinking in windows of homes at night.

Left inner panel, t-b:
Hinduism, the lotus (Sanskrit: padma) primarily represents beauty and non-attachment.
Acorns appear only on adult trees, and thus are often a symbol of patience and the fruition of long, hard labor
Mother-Many cultures have goddesses. Most often these goddesses are part of a polytheistic system that includes several deities.

Bottom left inner corner:
incandescent light bulb the spirit of ingenuity and perseverance

Bottom inner banner:
@ If we can't be found at home most of us can eventually be found @ our email address
Crusafix-primarily used in the Catholic, Anglican, and Eastern Orthodox Churches
The most common Shinto symbol, which represents a torii (shrine gate).
The turtle is another animal that has meaning for different indigenous religions it often represents patience, and courage to make progress only by sticking its neck out.

Bottom right inner corner:
the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). I included both light bulbs to represent the right to choose. Some countries are considering banning incandescent light bulbs, but a lot of people have adverse reactions to cfl, such as migraines.

Right inner panel:
spiral-The spiral is one of the oldest symbols of spirituality. It has been found carved into rocks from thousands of years ago, on every continent in the world.
Animal pawprint to recognize the importance of animals in our lives, whether you eat them or not. We have a lot to learn by observing the natural world.
Mormonism (LDS)
Chalice Unitarian Universalism

Inner block top left clockwise:
Baha'¡­ nine pointed star,
earth- our residence
The fish was an early symbol of Christian faith that endures today on bumper stickers and businesses as a sign of Christian faith.
Evolved homeschooler- Dawn at Day by Day Discoveries came up with this logo and many homeschoolers have found a community of friends through it.
Frog-I just like frogs. They are usually the first temporary pet children adopt.
Wicca-"If it harms none, do what you will."
Polytheism, centered on the Goddess and God

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