Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Toons on WoW

There's another sig generator that I like and that one of my guilds uses on it's website, so I'm creating sigs for all my alts and linking them here. It updates the pretty frequently.

This is my "Barbie" alt, Bellarosa. This isn't what she really looks like, all the generators, afaik, use a generic image. UPDATE: I was able to upload a cropped screen shot of my own character to be used instead of the generic picture that's used by default.

So here's Leertuna again, my first toon, and my "main:"

Palkania is my second highest alt, and she's in a different guild:

And then there's poor neglected Beafraid:

Then on another realm, I have an alt I don't play much, but she's Bellalarissa:

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kelli said...

Ooo, that generator is so cool! I'm gonna do this with my characters! :)
I need to level my horde ones. Perhaps after our move.