Tuesday, June 03, 2008

World of Warcraft Signature Generators and other Resources

I realize that few of my regular readers will be interested in this, but I thought I'd post it anyway. :) If you play WoW, and your guild has it's own website, like this new one for example, you might want a sig generator for posting on the forums, or anywhere else, really. I did a little Google search and found a few to share. Some allow you to choose what stats to display and some don't.

wowwizards.com created this image of my main, Leertuna:

Thrissa's Signature Generator's looks like this:

From Guild Launch we get this one:

And WoW Den has this:

It looks like they all update your stats every 12-24 hours or so.

If you're a new player, you'll get a lot of great information from these sites:

  • First stop is the World of Warcraft's WOW Insider site. There are featured stories, interviews, tips, tricks and more. I haven't scratched the surface here!
  • A site I use a lot is WoWWiki--Your Guide to the World of Warcraft, where you can research races, classes, professions, quests, find maps, look up armor and really just about everything you can think of! There are discussions about how to level your professions, where to put your talent points, even articles on helping you decide if you're going to enjoy playing a particular class.
  • Wowhead is another great site. I haven't used it as much, but it's very helpful when you have an item you want to auction at the Auction House--you can see what price range it's been selling at and set your price accordingly. Or let's say you want to equip your rogue with Master Theif's Gloves, you can look it up here and it will tell you where to find it--if it's dropped by a boss, fished from a lake, crafted by a leatherworker, etc. You'll see how much you might expect to pay for them, and if you have a pair, how much to sell them for. You can look up quests here as well, find out where to go to pick it up, what lvl you need to be, what the reward is and more, plus there is a discussion forum to get tips from other members.
  • Yet another database is Thottbot. I haven't used this much, but I imagine it has more of the same that Wowhead and WowWiki do.
  • Don't forget to check out the Armory, another WoW site, "You can search for characters, items, guilds, dungeons, arena teams, bosses, and faction rewards. You can select one of these master search filters from the top drop-down menu before entering a search term." If you have started a blood elf palladin and don't know where to put your talent points, you can look up the level 70's you've run into in the game and see how they're equipped and where their talents are. Or just the ones that are at your level or a bit higher. There's a Find an Upgrade feature that's really helpful. Put your character's name in, then when you pull it up, you can see suggested upgrades to your armor based on what you have and what you need for your race and class.

If you are looking for game add-ons to help you with your questing, auctioneering, maps, gathering (mining, herbs, etc) and more, you can check out Curse.com.

Happy questing!

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michelle said...

Thanks for all the great tips and links! I started playing with my son a few weeks ago and am totally hooked. We tried asking on the unschooling gamers list how we can join the Horde of Unschoolers but nobody seems to be forthcoming with answers...are our characters too low (21 & 22)?

Silvia said...

You can join, maybe nobody was online when you were. Just "whisper" to me in game sometime. What are your alts names? Look forward to seeing you there!

michelle said...

The character I'm focusing on right now is Nystranni. Thanks for your help.

James said...

I really enjoyed reading this. It seems like more and more adults are playing. I just started recently myself thanks for the tips.

Silvia said...

Glad you found them helpful. I am in one guild that is for adults only, not so the discussions can be wildly crazy :) (tho that happens too!) but because kids play a bit differently, or mine do anyway. You can join the "looking for guild" chat channel, I believe it is /5, and ask if there are any adult guilds looking for members. Have fun!