Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carnival Roundup

What carnivals do you enjoy? What am I missing? Let me know!

June Carnival of Children's Literature --Welcome to the June 2008 Carnival of Children's Literature. The theme of fathers in children's books brought posts of the good, the bad, and even a bit of Dr. Seuss.

The Carnival of Education, 127th Edition --Our in-service will begin shortly.
Lalalalalalalala. . . . .
30 minutes later: still eating stale doughnuts, wishing somebody had a key to unlock the coke machine, and still waiting for the administrators, who arranged this in-service for us in the middle of our summer vacation, to show up and enlighten us. In the summertime, most teachers really don't like being required to hang around the ol' institution for nothing. When summertime meetings are called, teachers feel like the inmates and the administrators seem like our keepers. After all, we're not getting paid for this in-service, and the principals are. And did you hear how much our presenter is being paid? That's right. THAT'S how much.
[There's a nice essay by a homeschool mom that was included in full, because it wasn't sent as a blog link--it's toward the end; go check it out!]

133rd Carnival of Homeschooling --Welcome to the 133rd Carnival of Homeschooling at the Red Sea School. Life is moving slowly here in the humid Midwestern plains, so this is the Summertime-and-the-livin-is-easy edition. Try not to worry about the white ring the sweat from your iced tea glass is going to leave on your desk, and consider that if you sit very very still in front of your screen, you just might start to cool off.

Festival of the Trees --Today is the 150th anniversary of a monumentous occasion for nature lovers. On this day in 1858 the Linnaean Society of London published an Essay by British explorer-naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace together with another Essay by one Charles Darwin and a letter by Darwin to Asa Gray, the American botanist. These publications unleashed upon the world the theory of natural selection and our understanding of how trees (and every other living species) came to be was changed forever.

I and the Bird #79: The Third Anniversary Edition --“I and the Bird” is three years old! That’s amazing. I remember the conversation Mike and I had when we first met back in 2005 (we went to Jamaica Bay if you’re interested) and he talked about an idea he’d had for a new blog carnival he was launching called “I and the Bird” (IATB). What did I think, he asked? What is a ‘blog carnival’, I replied? You really should find out because I’m hoping you’ll host the next one, he said…

Make It From Scratch #72 --lots of recipes and crafts and more!

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