Monday, July 07, 2008

Coffee Machines

My four-year-old DeLonghi espresso machine had been acting up forabout 2 months--if we turned it on to warm up, sometimes it would just start by itself. It finally gave up the ghost in early June.

So he ordered parts and we made do with a Bialetti Moka Express in the meantime.

Eddie opened it up and saw what was wrong--the circuit board at the front of the machine, which you use to select the size and number of cups you want as well as the heat level, etc, had areas where the coating over the circuitry was completely gone. and the copper underneath was eroded. He discovered that steam was escaping from one of the tube connections, so whenever we cleaned the machine with citric acid, it was being sprayed on the back of the circuit board.

The faulty board:

This is the new board we needed, the second was ordered in case this didn't fix the problem, so now we have a spare.

And now we're back in action. Yeah!

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Yogi - Coffee Maker Reviewer said...

Where did you manage to find the circuit board? Do the manufacturer supply them?

This information can be quite useful to the readers of my website Coffee Maker Ratings & Reviews

Silvia said...

My husband found a place in PA that supplied us with the parts. Kenney Electric in Collingdale, PA. Phone 610-534-7373. Hope this helps!

John Edgar Park said...

Hurray! I'm glad you fixed it. Not that I don't love a Bialetti, but it sure must be nice to have your main machine back in order!