Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Emily is gearing up for the UNtrepreneurial Fair at the Live and Learn Conference this September. A sampling of what she'll be selling:

She's been using these tools and book to make her creations.

We've both made some macramé jewelry to sell, and she has some ideas for other things to make also. Emily has worked out a plan for paying Thomas for helping her to tag her jewelry items, and also for any help he gives selling at the fair in September. I recommended that she bring a small notebook to keep track of what sells and for how much, but I don't know if she wants to do that.

So far her materials had been bought for her as gifts (beading kits, the Klutz book, etc), so she has no cost on those items, just pure profit. The other crafts may cost her some money up front, and I will be trying to track for her, or help her track for herself, what the costs are, and then what her profit might be. What is her time worth in making each item? What would make them too expensive? How do you find the right sale price that will still allow a decent profit? This will be fun!

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