Friday, August 29, 2008

Even Cooler WOW Sigs from Magelo

This site requires you to download a program that will then sync your characters once you're have them logged in. It does a lot of different things that the other generators don't. I like this part:

Illustrated Game Database

Knowledge is power. This is particularly true when it comes to MMOGs where there are literally thousands of quests, weapons, armors, creatures or zones to discover. Explore our illustrated game database designed to provide comprehensive information to give you a clear edge in your favorite game.

Find easily what you are looking for with our powerful filters
Discover items and NPCs just like they are in the game
Find where NPC are located as well as ground objects
Jump from zone to NPC to item to tradeskill,...
Explore different paths using our intuitive talent calculator

Discover the power of our client Magelo Sync : When you are playing, in real time, Magelo Sync provides information that are directly related to your character in the game! You can use those contextual information as shortcuts to our website to find details about:
The zone where you are
Your actual target
Your quest log
Here are my characters with their new signatures:

And my one Alliance character:

Well, I have another I haven't gotten past lvl 5, and a horde character on Shu'Halo server as well, also not yet a lvl 10. The WOW Armory doesn't keep data on characters below lvl 10, but I imagine if I wanted to create a sig using Magelo that wouldn't be a problem.

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