Monday, August 18, 2008

Latest Chicken Pictures and First Eggs

These are the younger hens and roosters we purchased back in May. On the left is the rooster we knew we were buying, a Jersey giant. Next to him are the two dark Brahmas, and behind them is one of the cuckoo marans, I think, or the mix-breed.

Here's a buff orpington and a running/flying dark Brahma.

The buff and one of the araucanas, one of whom it turns out is a male.

At the back right of this picture is the Welsummer. The black and white and brown chicken is one of the araucanas, I think that's the rooster of the pair.

And here's a larger picture of the big rooster.

These are the first three eggs laid, over 4 days, by the new hens. Not sure if it's the same hen each time. Surprisingly, these eggs are not as tiny as others have been for first eggs. The one above them is an egg from our older hens. Not much difference.
I'm wondering if maybe they started laying in the tall weeds in their fenced yard and we missed them--it's full of briary weeds and lots of mosquitoes, and I'm trying to cut it all down, though they do enjoy the shade. However, it also makes it difficult to see them and any predator that may be causing problems.

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Spooky said...

Awesome first eggs!! How excited :)

I LOVE Buffy over in your side bar, just had to let you know...