Monday, August 18, 2008

More on the Scorpion

We had purchased about 15-20 live crickets and kept them in a critter keeper, but some have died already. Fortunately, they eat almost anything, and especially enjoy chicken feed, which makes it rather convenient for us. I also add either a slice of potato, apple, or other fruit, for liquid. Putting a cardboard egg carton in the keeper lets them hop around and hide. Not sure why we had so many die on us--I'll ask again at the pet store, because all they said to do was add a slice of potato.

This is a cricket of some kind that I caught outside to feed to the scorpion.

Another picture of Trinity in her tank. There's a nice piece of bark, tipped up on it's edge, that she was hiding under.

I added another container for water to keep the humidity up, and this one has aquarium filter floss, which won't mold, and also keeps the scorpion from drowning.

Here's the cricket I caught, and there's a store-bought one on the rock also, to the left and up a bit, kind of hard to spot. Wonder who'll get eaten first!

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piscesgrrl said...

I can't believe you have a scorpion! I can't even look at the pictures without shuddering!

Silvia said...

He he! I promise we're not bringing her to the conference. :) What are you doing for the masquerade ball? I'm sure it'll be spectacular! Face paint, or a mask?