Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Newest Pet

Thomas has been talking about scorpions for a couple years at least! Maybe 3 or 4 even.

Meet "Trinity"

She's an Emperor Scorpion, also know as the gentle giant. They still can sting, but supposedly it's about equal to a bee sting. If you're allergic to bee venom, you don't want to handle scorpions, by the way.
She'll be eating crickets for now. Maybe we can find some other insects in the yard to give her, too.

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Shez said...

I am no telling Shira about your new pet. She'd be all over me like a rash to get one. I caved on the pet issue 2 weeks ago and we got two pups. That's as brave as I get wrt pets.
Enjoy your new pet

Silvia said...

Poor Shira. :) Puppies are great though. My kids want a new dog to be a buddy to ours.