Monday, August 18, 2008


Emily became interested in constructing her own slingshot a while back, so we did a little online research, plus she had her own ideas. Here is the wikiHow article, and this is from Instructables. There's a second one there as well. And of course, YouTube has a lot of videos offering advice on making your own slingshot.

This is the first one that Emily made. The wood is from the willow oak that fell in our yard not too long ago. There were lots of branches of varying dimensions to choose from. She also made her own ammo pouch from some craft store leather, with a small conch-type shell as the closure.

We cut three other potential slingshots, and Emily made one into a birthday gift for a friend.

I'd like to find some rubber tubing to use, and I'm sure future models will have different modifications. I also just ordered the book "Slingshot Shooting," by Jack H. Koehler, for more ideas.

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Piseco said...

Oh, you've just totally inspired my son! Thanks for all the great links and instructions... we're all over this one.

Belinda said...

My son has also just made a slingshot (not really the "done" thing over here in Aust.) It's not working as he'd like so we will check out your links! Thanks.

Dana said...

That is so cool, but you know what sort of struck me as funny? There are so many things like this that we go look up how to do and read about to share with our kids but it wasn't that long ago that kids just made these kinds of things.

Now it is sort of novel, but a good slingshot was one of the few toys my dad had to play with when he was growing up.

Julie said...

Good for you - what a fantastic idea. We have just made bows and arrows - - so I guess it's slingshots next.
Did you see the TED Talk on 5 Dangerous Things you Should let your kid Do
I bet you have got a few of these covered!
best wishes, Julie.

Silvia said...

Yes, I loved his talk! I blogged about it here a bit.

Julie said...

Oh! good post. I like that one too. Both of mine have penknives and are allowed to light a fire themselves in a certain spot in the garden (as long as they supervise each other!). Haven't had any accidents so far but the grandparents are a bit horrified (don't know why - they probably did it themselves when they were young.)