Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tips from the Parenting Pit on Dads and Unschooling

So you, the mom, have decided that unschooling is the way to go in your family's homeschooling journey. And you want to go beyond just the "no textbooks, no educational coercion" unschooling, but into whole-life unschooling--Radical Unschooling, some call it. Or Consensual Living. Well, The Parenting Pit has an article written by a dad, for moms, on helping dads understand and ease into this "crazy" new lifestyle, titled the Unauthorised Dad Handbook.

Take a look at it. Here's a bit from the beginning of the article:

An Unauthorised Guide for Unschooling Mums dealing with (still developing) Unschooling Dads

WARNING: I intend to make massive generalisations here… but us Dads always do that!

So you are keen on homeschooling/ unschooling but your partner/ husband is not? Hopefully this might help…

This is about the bulk of Dads. The well meaning, the loving, the caring… well yes… the opinionated, the obstinate, the controlling, the argumentative even authoritarian Dads. So you want to understand that guy that has become the father to your children? Here are some pointers, dare I say, “A Beginners Guide to Understanding the Average Dad”… believe me I know… I am often extraordinarily average.

And this other article, An Unschooling Journey – from Control to Connection, talks about how they got to where they are. It's helpful reading, and there are links and book references you might find helpful. We're still on our journey to where I'd like to be with radical unschooling, so I'm always looking for encouragement and support.

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