Friday, August 22, 2008

Was There TV Before Tivo?

We don't have any cable or satellite subscriptions--we just receive the free shows. Like in the good ole days. Though we have had paid service off and on in the past, we found that we were watching just a few of the channels mostly, and didn't feel it was worth paying for.

But, we have had Tivo for several years now. Tivo makes television a joy to watch. We skip through the commercials, first of all. And we have season passes for all our favorite shows, and stuff that comes on when we're not home or are sleeping. When we are in the mood for a show, bam, there it is! I don't even know the tv schedule anymore. When we bought our first Tivo, we also got the lifetime subscription plan--paid like $200 and never have to pay again. We got a second Tivo for the kids' tv, because their shows were taking up all the space on the hard drive, it costs $6.95 a month, and now everyone's happy. :)

But the main reason I thought of this whole Tivo thing is the Olympics. Right now I have about 15 recordings to catch up on, and that's just from the regular NBC station! Imagine if I had cable! One show might be 1 1/2 hrs or it might be 8 hrs long. If there's a sport on that I'm not interested in, I skip past it. That's the only way to watch the Olympics! How can you be expected to sit through 8 hours of coverage, waiting for that one event you want to see? So, I sing the praises of Tivo.

But that's not all, folks! There's more! My kids love to pause what they're watching and try to get someone's face in a really weird or funny expression. I'll hear them laughing hysterically and have to go see what it's all about. Or they'll re-run some short segment for the joke or a physical gag, etc. Of course, you can do this with a VCR (what's that?) or DVD player also, but this gives them a much wider range of programming to play with. :)

Quick update--just saw that you can browse YouTube on your tv with Tivo! The fun never ends.

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