Tuesday, September 16, 2008


When I was at the Paramount Theater group ticket purchase for AlbemarleHomeschoolers last week, one of the moms and I were talking about local homeschool issues, visiting the school division homeschool liaison and that kind of thing. She mentioned that another mom, who had gone with her to talk to their local school division, said she didn't like the term "homeschooler." So we were coming up with alternatives, some of which have been used before of course. Something like "independent learners," or "free-agent learners." I don't remember what else we said.

But then later I was thinking about the cool acronym that Ren has for her group: ARGH--Autodidactic Radical Gathering of Homeschoolers. Love it!

So I managed to come up with SMILE--Self-Motivated Independent LEarners. As in, "Do you go to school?" "Oh no, we're SMILErs!" Or, "No, we'd rather be SMILEing." Ok, silly, I know, but fun, too.

NEW: From the Live and Learn conference email list:

"So a SMILE might also be a
Self Motivated Independent Learning Extravaganza."
~Robyn L. Coburn

Thanks, Robyn! We need to have one of those extravaganzas!

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Makita said...

Love it! :D

Silvia said...

Thanks. :D