Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, we've bought the game, but it sits unopened on my desk until we can figure out if it will run on any of our computers. I'm guessing it will run on Eddie's desktop, and since he doesn't use it during the day, that may work out well for Thomas. I fear the other computers are just too dated for it to run on. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, here's a NYT article about the game Spore, and another one over at USA Today.

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John Edgar Park said...

Can't Spore make your computers evolve until they are capable of playing itself?

Silvia said...

Don't I wish! :)

kelli said...

We just got it but we've only tried it on a newer computer. It does look quite beautiful, those graphics. I hope you get to play it soon. Kyra has really enjoyed it.

Oh! And I love the Buffy side margin banner! Abbi is totally into Buffy right now, I'm going to show it to her *g*

Silvia said...

I'm on season 4 right now. :) I have a friend who owns the whole series, luckily. I'd seen the Buffy/homeschool picture on another blog but didn't add it to mine till I saw the reference in the show. I didn't realize she actually said that! LOL