Monday, October 13, 2008


The Jersey Giant has lived up to his name. To his left is a cukoo maran. We're getting nice dark brown eggs--I'll post egg pics another day.
We thought Kathy, our oldest hen, a Rhode Island Red, was ill with a cold--sneezing a bit and some tiny bubbles at her eyes, so we isolated her to give her some antibiotics in her water. She's fine now, so we're not sure we needed to do anything, cause we only kept her in the cage for 3 days.

Here are a Welsummer, eating what's left of a cantaloupe, and a dark Brahma.

You can't see his head because he's scratching himself, but that's one of the two araucanas that were supposed to both be female but which are in fact both roosters. Ugh. And then there are two buff Orpingtons.

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Faith Void said...

I really like that black rooster. He is gorgeous. I would like to get a hen that dark. We had too many roosters and not many hens so I get to buy news one next spring. Do you mind telling me what kind he is? thanks

debra said...

Do you have problems with predators? Our chickens used to range, but then we lost 11 to foxes in a week. Now they are (sadly) fenced.

Silvia said...

Sure--he's a black Jersey Giant. Enjoy!

Silvia said...

We had lots of trouble for a while in the early spring, so we locked them in the fenced area for weeks, bought new pullets, and waited. Finally we stopped seeing the fox come around and we started letting the hens out for a while in the afternoon. No problems, so we usually let them out all day again. It is very frustrating though!