Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate in CA about Homeschooled Kids

In case you missed Valerie's wonderful article Answering illogic at Opposing Views: Are homeschooled kids at a disadvantage? over at Home Ed Magazine's News & Commentary site, as I did, here's the link.

One point she made that I loved, and which the schools have no answer for, had to do with this statement by the California Federation of Teachers: homeschooled kids should meet college entrance requirements.

And Valerie's comment:

As for the statement that homeschooled kids “can and should … meet college requirements,” 1) what makes you think they don’t, and 2) do all public school students graduate with records that meet college requirements?

Study finds early difficulty for community college students, 20 August 2007, UC Berkeley News

A new report by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) finds that six in 10 students who enter the California community college system as freshmen with high school diplomas and aspirations to transfer to four-year institutions drop out or lower their academic sights after just one semester. The report recommends increasing support for these students.

Get back to us when you sort that out.


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Shez said...

One of life's great mysteries is why the teachers organizations think that homeschoolers should be held to higher standards than their own students.

Thanks for tagging me, will get onto it later this afternoon