Monday, October 13, 2008

How Do They Find My Blog?

After reading Laura's hysterical post Trail of Tears. Tears of Laughter, that is, I thought I'd post some of the funny searches that landed people at my blog since January, and the most popular ones, too.

The hands-down winner for the most popular search that landed folks at my site is for the Non-Newtonian Fluid Recipe post I wrote back in April 2007. That page had 577 hits for the year so far.

The top post by number of hits, though, is Presenting Unschooling Voices: Lucky #13!, from March--598 hits for the year. The Non-Newtonian post was number 2. Number 3 was Presenting the Carnival of Homeschooling, No. 125, which is cool because it was only posted in May, and number 4 is What came first, the chicken, the egg or the snake?. another 2007 article.

So, on to the search phrases:

Surprisingly, I didn't have many strange searches like Laura did (bummer!)--one I thought was funny was "how to teach socialization."

And I have no idea what this means: "daring of the on video in charlottesville va". Please tell me if you do!

Then there was "Murderous tomatoes", no idea the connection to my site!

I'd like to know if they found an answer to this one: "physics in cleaning house?"

And what was this one about: "doughnut robot recipe"?

I know where they ended up on this one "cut finger too late for stiches"--at least I'm pretty sure it was this page.

Love this one, "how to quit school". I can help with that. :)

This tickled me: "the french taught from monty python and the holy grail lines".

And this is always fun, "what can i with tape for fun projects".

What?? "youtube ant sites of sewing" No idea.

I hope they got this one straght: "which direction chainsaws"! Could be very important!

You need an answer to this question??? "why were brownies made"

"my kids want me to homeschool"--so do it! :)

This one left me hanging: "Nobody tells you that if you live long enough and if you survive" . . . what, what's the answer??? Tell me!!

"How Do You Use The People On Google Sketchup?" I don't know, but maybe my brother can tell you.

Is there one of these? "mc hammer, constitution video"

Another "huh?" search: "barratt lurker cahill huck carlen ploskonka"

Well, that was fun. I'll have to do it again at the end of the year. :)

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John Edgar Park said...

That's very funny, I love it. Especially all this little buggers searching for "how to quit school"!

Silvia said...

Yeah, that's a funny one. :) Wonder how old the searchers are on that one. LOL

Dana said...

I was number one for "chicken mop" for a long time. Now most of my searches are monotonously relevant. Hmmm...