Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quote of the Day from a Comment on Another Blog

I read this comment that Sandra Dodd left at Flo's blog article Warning: this may be a Rant and wanted to share it:

"There is no magical prevention for bad attitude, but if parents are modeling a bad attitude with their own unreasonable selfishness or arbitrary system of denying children, they should expect their children to show arbitrary selfishness to others."

Read the post to see why she wrote that comment--it's a great post. Here's something Flo wrote at the end of the first section of her article:

As I grew up, my own mother was accused of spoiling all the time. Specifically, I remember that she liked to hold babies a lot (even god-forbid when they were crying!) and that word "spoiled" was hurled at her more often than not. Without fail she said, "She's not spoiled. She's loved a lot."

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Tuesday K. said...

Oh man, I just read that whole post, and then found my way to other posts through hers about the sounds like the instructor is a real 'gem' @@. :( That aside, I am going to print out that quote and hang it by my desk...what a great reminder!