Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rogue Haircut on WOW

After reading Kelli's post on her character's haircut after the new patch on WOW, I thought I'd post my orc's haircut too. Here is the before (in the mask), which I really hated:

From behind--see why I hated it?

After, kind of hard to see, but she's got hair covering her head now. :)

And from the back:
It was the best I could get, simple and not a crazy color. Ha!

I'll get some of my troll, which has a great haircut and color now, too.

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Makita said...

Cool! I don't play WOW but DH does... what level are you?

Silvia said...

Here's her latest update on Magelo: http://wow.magelo.com/profile/59549 but the hair isn't showing correctly. Click on 3D Image to see her. :) She's a 64.

Silvia said...

And here's my main, Leertuna, before her haircut: http://wow.magelo.com/profile/59904 lvl 69.