Monday, November 24, 2008

Emily and I are on a Mission

We want to help get Thomas's WOW character Belurm leveled to 55 so that he can create a Death Knight. He's dying to have one and you can't unless you already have a level 55 character on one of the realms. Fortunately, a couple months ago we transferred his character from Shu'Halo to The Venture Co, where my main characters are. Two days ago he was a 49. Now he's a 51:

We'll see how long this takes, but with us taking turns, or even better, with one of us playing his character and the other playing one of my high characters to help with the quests, maybe just a few more days. If we could do it by the weekend that would be great!

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turgidstultiloquy said...

We haven't been able to play around here for a couple months...too broke. Now with Wrath out we are feeling extremely frustrated/jealous hearing about everyone's Death Knights. :)

Here's to hoping Santa is hep to our gaming desires! lol