Friday, November 21, 2008

Too Funny! WOW Stuff

Some of you know of my level of dedication to playing World of Warcraft. Ahem. Dedication, obsession, who's to judge? Anyway, I read this post at Kelli's and went to the cartoon link, and it's really funny. Go read it. I'll wait.

Ok, the expansion (WOLK, or the Wrath of the Lich King) is really cool, very fun, and frustrating at times. :) My main, Leertuna, is still a 70; my other (new) main, Palkania, got to 70 just after (I think, can't remember now) the expansion, and I'm having more fun playing that character at the moment. Hunters are really fun, but rogues are sneaky. :)

I also "rolled" (WOW-speak for created or started) a blood elf Death Knight, Bhoudica (the link explains the name, and if you want to read some really cool historical fiction about her, this is where I first heard about her), which starts out as a level 55--mine's only made it to lvl 59. I'm having more fun in Northrend, the new continent/area for lvl 68s and up. EVEN THOUGH I CAN'T FLY MY FLYING MOUNT THERE! Argh! Gotta be a 77 to fly there apparently. In Outland you get a flying mount at 70 and get to zoom all over the place. But not in Northrend, nooooo sir. Ok, I'm ok, really.

Emily is having fun with her new Death Knight, Dadethknight. Thomas's highest character, Belurm, just got to 49 yesterday, so he's got 6 lvs to go till he can create his. Eddie has a character that's over lvl 55, Kackeraut (Dragon Ball Z, anyone?), but he isn't interested in the expansion yet. I think he plans to get to 70 with this one first.

My girls:

Update: I managed to lvl Palkania after posting this. :)

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