Friday, December 05, 2008

Thomas Now has a Death Knight!

And he couldn't be happier. :) Two days ago his hunter got to level 55.

I had lucked out on Sunday and saw that Amazon was selling the expansion pack for just $25, instead of the regular $40. Don't look--it's back at $40 again! So we had the game sitting there waiting for him.

On Wednesday, as soon as Belurm got to 55, he created his Death Knite, Helldog. I haven't been able to synch the character with Magelo yet, so I don't have that neat signature for him. Here's a different one though.

Update: He decided he didn't like his tauren DK so he deleted him and created a Blood Elf DK instead with the same name.

He's a happy guy for sure. :)

Latest Update:

Deleted the blood elf and created his 3rd DK, a forsaken/undead:

Think he's gonna stick with this one. :)

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