Monday, January 19, 2009

What's Up with no Posts Recently?

I have no idea. ;) I have been doing more on Facebook, and reading, and playing WoW, of course. The kids are taking an art class with Pam at Artworks. She's a great instructor! They're also still taking riding lessons with Patty Swygert. I haven't had a lesson in a while--maybe next week if it's a bit warmer!

I was flipping through a couple old photo albums the other day and found this picture:
This was my first time on a horse! I was in Cassino, Italy, at the time, though I don't know where the stables actually were--a friend drove me there. This was back in the summer of 1989! When I got back to the USA for my junior year at college, I took a few English riding lessons, and that was about it till now.

Emily is still studying jazz with Kelly at the Dance Barn. She also had three classes to make-up, so she is doing those in a ballet class. I started ballet there too, in a class for adults--first time in my life! No laughing. :) I'm enjoying it more than I did jazz or tap. I think that the structure of ballet reminds me of martial arts in a way, and I do better if I have a framework to understand the movements, rather than a more free-form style. At least for now. Maybe after more training I'll be ready for jazz again--though modern is what I really love to watch, so who knows!

Emily wants to enroll in the ballet class as a regular student--not sure if we can handle more classes though. She's also taking the Fundamentals of Filmmaking class through the Community Homeschool Enrichment Center (CHEC). Some of the girls from CHEC have been going ice skating afterwards, too, at the Ice Park. Busy girl!

Thomas wants to start playing Pokemon again at The Place, but that's at the end of a long day for us, so we've got to figure out how to work it in. He's mainly having fun playing with his friends, his Playmobil and Legos, and video and computer games. What a life!

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