Monday, February 23, 2009

If I Were Having a Party

I'd have Carpe Donut cater it. :) I stopped by their regular Friday location last week and talked to Matt, who he said they've really been expanding their catering business. About the catering:

Please consider Carpe donut for your catering needs. We offer a basic Donuts and Coffee package, as well as a full "Anytime" Breakfast option. We always have a good time putting our fresh hot donuts in front of guests at weddings, parties, and other special events, and can customize our offerings according to your needs. Extra beverages including our signature Thick Italian Hot Chocolate, and our home-brewed Hibiscus-Ginger Iced Tea, can be added on to either base menu. Prices include plates, napkins, silverware, serving platters, etc.

Carpe Donut! Carpe Diem!

Check out the above link for some catering options.

And yes, Matt and Jen are homeschooling friends of ours, but they also have the best, freshest, donuts you'll ever eat! Did I mention that we got invited to taste test their different recipes when they were getting ready to start out? Yum!

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Mister Dad said...

wifey and i were looking for an opportunity to move to VA, NC or such. add one to "another reason" column...

reminds me of the "carpe diumb" t-shirt i was pitched to do. "seize the stupid" its solicitor.