Thursday, March 05, 2009

Homeschoolers' Art Show in Staunton

I'm pretty sure we'll be sending in some art for this show! Here is the information:

This is just a friendly reminder encouraging everyone to plunge in and embrace the upcoming Homeschoolers' Art Show, now to open on the new date of Saturday, 28 March at one. Our new date is a good thing, as it had to be moved in order to accommodate the ever-growing event and mini-arts fest that is growing around the reception.

Before I launch into that, I'd like to say again that absolutely anything at all a child is moved to do will be displayed in our show. I'd especially like to encourage the older children to explore their creative outlets. Who are our digital photographers? Who's making incredibly dark collages to hang upon their walls? Who's messing around with editing software? We have the capacity to display moving picture art, if that's what a teen or two has been experimenting with lately.

Now for the day itself: including an opening reception for the artists and their families, each work of art will have a critique book in which several local professional artists will have offered their positive encouragements and reflections on the work in question.

Downtown will feature street musicians, visual art-based performance art, living history artists with whom one may converse, an art-related treasure map of sorts leading you through the art walk and various aspects of art history, and embodied classical artworks. It's actually quite amazing how it's coming together, so I hope many families choose to publicly share their artistic endeavors, and those who do not, I hope you'll come out for our spontaneously-forming art celebration.

To reemphasize drop-off details and submission:
Artist submission form:


The artwork will be presented in the display windows on Beverly St in Downtown Staunton.

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