Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kite Poem and a Tale of Rescue

A Kite is a Victim

A kite is a victim you are sure of.
You love it because it pulls
gentle enough to call you master,
strong enough to call you fool;
because it lives
like a desperate trained falcon
in the high sweet air,
and you can always haul it down
to tame it in your drawer.

A kite is a fish you have already caught
in a pool where no fish come,
so you play him carefully and long,
and hope he won't give up,
or the wind die down.

A kite is the last poem you've written,
so you give it to the wind,
but you don't let it go
until someone finds you
something else to do.

A kite is a contract of glory
that must be made with the sun,
so you make friends with the field
the river and the wind,
then you pray the whole cold night before,
under the traveling cordless moon,
to make you worthy and lyric and pure.

Leonard Cohen

I chose a poem about kites because on Tuesday the kids and I met with friends at a local park to fly kites. It was in the upper 40s and overcast, not to mention windy. It turned out to be a perfect kite-flying day! I bought two different kites at Target, and our friends had one that looked like a fighter jet.

This little kite had trouble gaining altitude.

But this larger one did great!

At this particular park, we had noticed the previous week that there was a kit stuck high in a tree. When we were there on Tuesday it was still there. There also happened to be a crew working for the park service trimming limbs in a nearby area. I though, hey, they might have a long pole pruner or something that could be used to get this poor lonely kite out of the tree!

So I ambled on over and spoke with someone from Big "O" Tree and Lawn Service about the kite. He said sure, I'll send someone over to get it out for you. A few minutes later, Matt walked over with tree climbing gear, no pole saw or other equipment--the man was going to scurry up the tree like a squirrel and rescue the kite! (As a side note, Matt used to work for Arbor Life, another tree company that a friend of ours was a partner in, and we think Matt was part of the crew that went to my parents' house when they had a lot of trees removed a few years ago. Small world, Charlottesville.)

The kids and my friend and I watched with a bit of amazement as this guy attached his harness and threw a rope up around the tree and started climbing. The branches really didn't seem like they would hold him once he left the main trunk. And the kite was of course out on the ends of a branch, with the tail caught in another nearby branch. I was feeling rather apprehensive--what if this guy falls, all because of a kite? But never fear, gentle reader, because this guy was nimble and obviously quite used to dealing with such situations.

He did have to cut one or two small branches to free the kite, but free it he did! We were really quite impressed. As soon as he handed us the kite, Emily attached the string from our small kite to it and it took off! The kids kept saying it was one of the best days ever. Thanks Matt, and Big "O" Tree and Lawn, for rescuing the kite!

I'll post pictures of the kite rescue when I can get them off Emily's phone.

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