Thursday, April 02, 2009

National Poetry Month and "Irritating Sayings"

I just read that April is National Poetry Month (I don't know who decides these things--ok, now I know who decided this one--follow the link).

Coincidentally, I pulled the Children's Library Poetry book (1985 ed.) from my bookshelf before I sat down at the computer, to find some to read to Emily and Thomas. This book has been reprinted as The Kingfisher Book of Children's Poetry but appears to be the same.

So--I thought I'd post a poem everyday this month, or at least as often as I remember. Feel free to join me!

This one has both funny and sad sayings, and radical unschoolers will really see the sad ones stand out--how many times did you hear these lines growing up? I thought about annotating some of the lines with some comebacks, but I'm sure you can think of your own. :)

Irritating Sayings

Isn't it time you thought about bed?
It must be somewhere
You speak to him Harold, he won't listen to me.
Who do you think I am?
You'd better ask your father
It's late enough as it is
Don't eat with your mouth open
In this day and age
Did anybody ask your opinion
I remember when I was a boy
And after all we do for you
You're not talking to your school friends now you know
Why don't you do it the proper way
I'm only trying to tell you
What did I just say
Now, wrap up warm
B.E.D. spells bed
Sit up straight and don't gobble your food
For the five hundredth time
Don't let me ever see you do that again.
Have you made your bed?
Can't you look further than your nose?
No more lip
Have you done your homework?
Because I say so.
Don't come those fancy ways here
Any more and you'll be in bed
My, haven't you grown
Some day I won't be here, then you'll see
A chair's for sitting on
You shouldn't need telling at your age.
Want, want, want, that's all you ever say

(collated by David Jackson)

I couldn't find a link to the author; Wikipedia lists several David Jacksons, but none seems to be the right one. Let me know if you find something else by him please.

Oh, I just thought of a fun activity--the kids and I may write up responses to each line and make our own poem. :) I'll be sure to post it if we do.

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