Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wrens Nesting in a Toy and Hummingbird Sighting

Seriously. Check out these pictures.

From our back deck

Up close, the nest is in a stack of small soccer cones amongst the other toys that have been left outside and thrown in the tub.

Close-up--5 spotted eggs

And there is mama or papa wren.

Better focus but not as close view of the eggs

And Thomas saw a ruby-throated hummingbird when he was playing in the front yard under the playset on Friday. Then on Saturday morning as we were sitting down to breakfast, a hummer buzzed our back bird feeding/watering area--where we always hang the hummingbird feeder. I quickly made up some sugar water and hung the feeder, and we had both male and female there within 10 minutes. On Sunday, we believe we observed them actually mating on our back deck! It was amazing!

Can you spot the hummingbird in this picture?

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