Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Scorpions

Well, this gets filed under bizarre things that happen at our house! We bought this scorpion back in September. We were told she was female, but further inspection on our part led us to believe she might be male. Looks like we were wrong. Did you know that a female scorpion's gestation period can last from 2 to 18 months? We didn't.

For reference, the cage is 10 inches across, so the adult is maybe 5 with the tail curled. Babies might be an inch or more in size at this point.

The last time she had been out from under the water dish, she looked really fat, and I thought maybe she'd been eating too many crickets or was getting ready to shed her exoskeleton for the last time. Wrong on both counts. She was preggo! Tonight as the family was sitting down to eat dinner, I looked in the cage and lifted up the bark that the crickets usually hide under--we'd had more being born and I was concerned the cage would be overrun again, so I was in the habit of removing the ones I could. No crickets there, or anywhere obvious. So I lifted the water dish and holy creepy crawlies, Batman! There was the scorpion with white stuff on her back and baby scorpions all over the place! I thought that they were the crickets, attacking her! Wrong. Guess her name is Trinity after all. :)

She was more obviously aggressive in her actions than normal and the babies were moving around to get back to her. She quickly got back under the water dish, and I think I'll leave them all alone for a long time. They do need to have more misting in the cage to keep humidity high while they're so small. And it looks like she feeds them the crickets, which explains why there aren't any around now. So we'll need to find some more quick! Wow, never expected this!

But please, don't be alarmed, we have it all under control, really, we do . . .

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