Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dance Barn Offers Irish Step Dance This Summer

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In addition to the Summer Dance Camps being offered in June and July at The Dance Barn (visit http://www.dancebarn.net/classes/ for details), we are also lucky to have Lori Madden of Blue Ridge Irish Music School offering a six week session in Irish Dance. Details are below, please check it out and forward this e-mail to anyone you know who might be interested!

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NEW! At The Dance Barn
Irish Step Dance
Thursdays, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
June 18-July 23
$72/6 week session

Irish Step Dance, Beginner, Ages 7-14, Lori Madden,
Complete beginners will explore the basic building blocks of Irish step and Irish social dance with accompanying technique in a fun and relaxed environment. Emphasis is on building skills while enjoying dancing with others. All beginners learn soft shoe dancing (as opposed to percussive, hard shoe dancing).

Irish dance class wear
Shoes-although there are Irish dance shoes, these are not required for this class. Beginners can dance in bare feet or basic ballet slippers. Shoes should not have heels of any type, soles should be flexible as dancing is done on toes (not on point!)
Clothing-students should wear comfortable and stretchy shorts or pants that allow full flexibility and range of motion for legs without too much excess fabric.

Lori Madden has been providing instruction in Irish Step, Irish Social, Ceili, and Set Dance to children of all ages as well as to adults for ten years through BRIMS. In addition, Lori teaches Irish dance in Lynchburg, Richmond and at the Mountain Road Fiddle Camp in West Virginia. She has performed with the Humorous Abandon Irish dance ensemble at Floyd Fest and the Lake Eden Arts Festival and also in the full length Irish dance productions Drowsy Maggie and Robin Hood. In 2003, Lori served as Irish dance consultant for the Paul Wagner film Angels. Lori is also the director of the Blue Ridge Irish Music School (BRIMS) in Charlottesville www.brimstunes.org

For more information and to register, please call 434-409-9631 or email to lorima@juno.com

Kelly Silliman
The Dance Barn, LLC
8269 Spotswood Trail
Stanardsville, VA 22973
(434) 985-3200

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