Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm Just Like Pippi Longstocking!

I received the greatest compliment from my son's friend the other day. His mother told me the story later:

Her son had spent the night at our house, and on the way home she asked him what he, Thomas and Emily had done. Part of the conversation went a little like this, "So you had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows, great! What did you have for dinner?" "Marshmallows!" "Hmm, they don't do school , and they have marshmallows for dinner. So staying at Silvia's is like staying with Pippi [Longstocking]?" "Yes! [with his face lighting up]"

I was so tickled when she told me! I didn't realize we still had marshmallows, by the way. And normally we would have had a lovely dinner for a sleep-over, but the kids were having such a great time outside, I kinda let it go. I think they went to the creek earlier in the day and spent surprisingly little time playing video games, which is usually what the boys intend to do, but there's just so much else out there, outside, waiting for them. Usually when Gabe comes to play, the three of them end up walking down to the creek about a 1/2 mile away, and walk up- or down-stream, picking up trash if they find it. The neighbor closest to the creek thanked them one day when she saw them. They bring hand-held radios and will call me sometimes to get picked up--it's all uphill on the way back.

So, more of the story--The kids started a fire in the little fire pit we have in the front yard, and Emily got to use her fire-starting skills (learned at the Living Earth School) to start it without matches. After it got going, somebody foraged through the pantry and found the marshmallows. At some point, I yelled out the door to ask if they were hungry, which of course they weren't, and therefore were not interested in any dinner. I thought to myself at that point, Patti is going to ask Gabe what we had for dinner . . .

Soooo, then they decided they wanted to sleep outside in the tent . . . and proceeded to grab many blankets and pillows to sleep on . . .

On top of the trampoline. I wish I had taken a picture, but it was dark by the time they had things all set up.

They ended up staying out there for about 2 hours before Emily started feeling claustrophobic (in the middle, in a 2-man tent, with the boys rolling toward her), and they all decided it was too warm and stuffy in there anyway. So we heard them come in and find somewhere to sleep. Gabe ended up sleeping on the small couch, and each child was in his or her own bed, and not, surprisingly, on the floor somewhere. Not sure where the dog slept.

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Shez said...

will you be my mom? What a wonderful sleepover Ms Longstocking.