Friday, May 22, 2009

Our New Favorite Game

Bananagrams! I saw it at Target a while ago, but since I'm not a huge fan of Scrabble, I just didn't think I'd enjoy this game because it seemed similar. I was soooooo wrong! When we were in TN for a big birthday bash with our tribe of unschoolers, my friend Abbi and I got into a conversation about languages, among other things. Then she mentioned Bananagrams and said I had to try it, at least just one round. What did I have to lose? So Abbi, Laura and I played a round, and I was hooked!

I bought one as soon as we got home and got my husband and daughter hooked on it. Thomas likes to play it also but needs more help with creating the words. It's very different from Scrabble in that you're not restricted to 7 letters at a time, and you are working independently of the other players. You can also play different versions of it, including a couple solitaire games. There is also no scoring, no value to the letters--just a race to use up all your tiles first.

Note: In the video the reporter mentions the price being around $25 but we've found it to be only about $15 at various stores.

Then when my friend Patti came over I made her play it, too. She loves it, and so Emily and I decided she needed to have her own game, so we bought her one.

Then I took the game with me for the kids' first tennis lesson yesterday and lost a tile! I did get Sara to play with me and Patti, though, and Sara's son, and some of the other kids who were waiting for their lesson. The tile had fallen between the boards of the the shelter we were using and the crawl space was more of a poison ivy-claustrophopic heaven than anything else, so we gave up the search.

I called the people at Bananagrams to see if I could get a list of how many tiles there were supposed to be for each letter, so we could see what we were missing. That was this morning. They emailed me right away, Emily and I figured out that it was the A that was missing, and I've emailed the company back. I believe they are going to send the replacement tile free of charge--the woman I spoke with didn't mention needing payment.

So, kudos to the folks at Bananagrams. And you must try this game if you haven't already! It's even on Facebook, so no excuses. :)

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