Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clean the Bay Day Acitivities

Last Saturday, Thomas and I went to our area's first annual Clean the Bay Day event, sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Thomas has wanted to do something to help save sea turtles for about a year or so now, and this event was the first thing I've found that we could do without traveling for hours.

From the organizer:

I think it was a very productive day and everyone that participated seemed to really enjoy the time they dedicated and take pride in the overall accomplishments of our group.

Here are the stats:
1. Area Cleared: McIntire Park - Meadowbrook Creek, Charlottesville, VA
2. Total Volunteers: 33
3. Active Military: N/A
4. Total Miles Cleaned: +/- 1.0 mile
5. Total Weight: 750 lbs.
6. Trash by category:
  • Cigarette Butts: 10
  • Plastic: 630
  • Glass: 217
  • Styrofoam/Polystyrene: 146
  • Aluminum & Metal Containers: 221
  • Paper: 322
  • Appliances, Furniture, Machinery, Auto Parts, etc: 6
  • Fishing Debris: 0
  • Construction/Structural Debris: 30
  • Tires: 5
  • Other: 65 7.
  • Most Unusual Item Collected: Human Skull (plastic)

For the first ever Charlottesville area Clean the Bay Day we had:
- 3 cleanup sites
- 50 volunteers
- 1,625 pounds of trash collected ... WOW!

Here are photos from the three sites:

Thomas really had fun collecting trash, getting into the creek, and soaking his boots and pant legs. :) We were split up into teams. My main focus was avoiding poison ivy--which I was successful at! I also was the person who carried the trash bag for the most part. We also had someone who kept track of every piece of trash collected.

This was our group, but we had probably left by the time they took the shot. Most of the members of our group (there were three locations in Charlottesville) were involved in the Rivanna Master Naturalists program in some way, and/or with the co-operative extension.

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